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Rodents have been very kind collaborators of Science – they have enabled the human endeavour of knowledge pursuit in a multitude of fields such as cancer research, immunology, or neuroscience.

I spent my PhD teaching a group of curious rats how to discriminate between mixtures of odors and in that process they showed me that they can make decisions very well. Not only can they decide based on odours that exude from the outside world but, surprisingly, also from measures of confidence that come from decisions they previously made. From well within. I’ve asked them to ask themselves should I wait or not? They´ve answered, and with that behaviour they unraveled some of the neural mechanisms of decision confidence.

I first started working in graphic design for science with my own plots and diagrams of behavioural tasks in a very schematic way. Then I made the decision of fully dedicating myself to design for science. Since then I´ve been working mostly for other researchers that ask for rodent diagrams with higher degrees of complexity, tricky to accomplish. But I always do try my best as a sign of respect to this amazing group of animals.