Hey, I am Gil!

I am a Designer and Science Illustrator with a background in Biology and a PhD in Neurosciences. I can help you by designing  figures and diagrams ready for publication. I can come up with cover submissions or creative illustrations for press releases. I can work with your institution designing reports, posters and brochures or devising the looks for your scientific events.

Did it ever came to your mind that your figures are a important part of your scientific legacy?


You design your experiment, acquire your data, analyze it, generate plots. You then prepare figures, methods and hypothesis diagrams. You write your papers and your work gets put out into the world. Thereafter, anytime someone thinks about your science all those images you’ve created will come to light. Your visuals get recalled.

I can be of help on your scientific endeavor. I’m a Biologist, with a PhD in Neurosciences and my job is to improve communication of Science with the tools of Design & Illustration.

I have been collaborating with researchers from all around the world.

Some of my clients work in these institutions:

Antalgenics SA (SP)
Brandeis University (US)
Champalimaud Foundation (PT)
Chinese Academy of Sciences (CN)
CNC-Univ. Coimbra (PT)
Cold Spring Harbor Lab (US)
Francis Crick Institute (UK)
Inst. Gulbenkian de Ciência (PT)
Harvard University (US)
Inst. Higiene Medicina Tropical (PT)
Inst. Medicina Molecular (PT)
Inst. Superior Técnico (PT)
Northwestern University (US)
Princeton University (US)
Scite – Science Crunchers (PT)

Stanford University (US)
Trends in Africa (TZ) (CH)
Univ. Copenhagen (DK)
Univ. College Dublin (IRL)
Univ. College London (UK)
Univ. Catholique Louvain (BE)
Univ. Geneva (CH)
Univ. Pennsylvania (US)
Univ. Sussex (UK)
Univ. Miguel Hernandez (SP)
Univ. Trento (IT)
Univ. Utrecht (NL)
Vienna BioCenter (AUT)
VU Amsterdam (NL)

Working together